Dedicated Server Hosting New Zealand

A server is where your website lives, and in order to ensure unshared, independent space for your website to run and thrive, we recommend hosting on a dedicated server.


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At SMEGOWEB, we understand your needs and impulse to get unlimited bandwidth for your website, and so do we get it for you to ensure 100% uptime and high page-load speed. When you have a dedicated server for your website, no volume of traffic is too much to handle.

Managing your website on a dedicated server requires technical know-how and expertise in the field. This is where SMEGOWEB can help. Our experts will take care of all things technical while you focus on your core business operations. Through in-depth understanding of your niche and needs, we will get you a tailor-made, budget-optimized hosting package that should keep your website up and running without a glitch.

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