Google Adwords Campaign Management

A well organised PPC campaign is vital. Being one of the most popular PPC advertising systems, Google AdWords is a sure shot way of increasing both your profits and customer base.


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A thoroughly planned-out PPC campaign is a lot more than merely setting up a Google AdWords account and hoping Google does the rest for you. One needs to ensure that vital aspects like specific keywords and content quality are not compromised in any way. That is where we at Smegoweb come in.

Not only will we ensure that your Google AdWords account is fired up and ready to go, but we will even cover the aspect of Google Analytics in order to make sure that it is optimally tracking your site.

Furthermore, a weekly report summarising the performance of your site as well as seeking out additional online advertising platforms for profitable conversion are some of the final touches of our plan.

SMEGOWEB can manage multiple campaigns on your Adwords accounts efficiently, and collect valuable insights to improve ROI and drive down CPA. Also, you will have 24/7 access to your campaigns, as we promise complete transparency and peace of mind.

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