There’s no denying the significance of Google Analytics in Digital Marketing industry. There can be infinite benefits of Google Analytics, but discussing them all could get overwhelming for the readers; thus, here are some basic details about Google Analytics you should know.

You can go through the following Google Analytics metrics to get a better understanding of this concept.

1. Bounce rate

Bounce rate is a term used to define a scenario when a user visits your website and gets away without exploring more than one page of your website. It’s a sign that your website is falling scarce in attracting user’s attention.
Google Analytics helps you identify bounce rate in the most effective manner. It furnishes website owner with essential details which seek call to action for reducing the bounce rate. Sometimes, the alleged reason suggested by website owner and marketers for bounce rate is not legitimate. The reason could be that the user fails to locate the product or information he/she had expected of your website; it occurs due to inadequately optimized landing web-page.

You can reduce the bounce rate by seeking help from experienced web designers and copywriters. A user-friendly website design and engaging content will retain the user, for sure.

2. Conversion

In terms of Google Analytics, Conversion is when the visit of a user gets converted into an opportunity for the website owner. Conversion could occur as a result of a sale, banner-click, newsletter-signup or anything else. Put simply, ‘Conversion’ is one of the most desirous goals of an online marketer.

With Google Analytics, you can track your conversions and that too precisely. By doing so, you’ll be able to identify your business opportunities coming through online portal, and you’ll be motivated to dig deeper for achieving a better conversion rate.

3. Traffic sources

Google Analytics lets you know the source your visitors are coming from. For instance, you have campaigned at two different social media websites, but only one of them is driving traffic your website which implies that you must focus on continuing your social media campaigns with the website that is taking it to fruition. Again, Google Analytics shows its worth!

4. Content

Content is pivotal for drawing new visitors to your website, as well as retaining the existing ones. Google Analytics’ content tool determines the effectiveness of your content and notifies if any amendment is required. Google Analytics ably identifies the most visited pages of your website whereby you can get to know the preferences of your visitors.

Google Analytics provides an impressive insight to website’s marketing optimization. And, the aforementioned metrics of Google Analytics are sure to pave your way for a perfect start.