Our Story

Goodman Painters has been around in the painting and decorating business for 10 years. The professionals out there have worked hard to secure a comfortable position in commercial and residential painting business. Prospective customers should know that Goodman Painters can go the whole hog to deliver on their expectations and can attend to their special requests spot on. We personally feel that Goodman Painters is a kind of firm that deserves wide exposure and acclamation for keeping up with their good work.

The Challenge

When Goodman Painters signed up with us, we decided to evaluate their existing web presence on certain parameters. We figured out that the website was lagging due to lack of focused keyword strategy as well as non-compliance of the website design with search engine’s algorithm. The few SEO elements, like page titles, meta descriptions and internal linking from blog posts, were contributing a lot lesser than they were potentially capable of. Without much ado, our professionals took the plunge to perform profound keyword research and devise technical solutions that would aid the website significantly.

The Result

Eventually, the hard-work paid off. The success graph of the campaign has been on the upward trend over the last 9 months. The website has been ranking organically for all targeted keywords and the number of seasons is also improving with every passing day. Goodman Painters is really satisfied with the results and is looking forward to working with us so as to maintain website’s authority in the online realm. We are working on various aspects and are finding innovative ways to help their website stand head and shoulder above the competitors.

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