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Why Should You Focus On Landing Pages?

A landing page is the most important tool that encourages conversions on a PPC campaign. It’s usually the primary spot where a potential customer gets in touch with your agency. While getting more traffic to your website isn’t the easiest of bets, getting those visitors to convert is the real deal. Generating leads is crucial because, at the end of the day, your qualified leads will turn into loyal customers. A landing page that is designed to keep your customers and prospects’ likings and interests in mind can help you generate more leads than ever.

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Why Smegoweb?

The choice and arrangement of each element matter a great deal while designing a landing page. At Smegoweb, we understand this and ensure that every element that is present on the landing page is adding value to your prospective visitors’ lives in a way that they gain more interest in your final offer. Our designers have the right knowledge and experience for crafting landing pages with a clear and actionable layout & design that encourages conversions.

Plus, we also ensure that despite all the elements, your landing page doesn’t become bulky. Our design and development process is always in sync with the page speed requirements.

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The Smegoweb Advantage

No PPC campaign can optimally perform without a finely tuned landing page. At Smegoweb we design and develop landing pages considering intricate details based on your target audience’s interests. This provides our customers with high converting landing pages that can generate more leads than ever before.

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  • 100% Customizable Designs

    We don’t believe in using templates. Designing and developing the page from scratch, we make sure that your landing pages are actionable and based on your preferred aesthetics.

  • Using Visuals

    Great content isn’t just about text. We also focus on creating relevant visual content for all landing pages.

  • Data Driven Approach

    We analyse user data to design and develop conversion optimized and fine tuned landing pages for best results.

  • Fast Delivery

    We won’t make you wait over the designs for weeks. We value our time and yours.

  • Actionable Content

    The ultimate goal of any marketing campaign is to encourage a user to take an action. Our team of professional content creators creates action encouraging and compelling content for all landing pages.

  • SEO Friendly

    Our design and development process is 100% SEO friendly ensuring good rankings for your landing pages.

  • Quick Support

    Our team of experienced marketing professionals is available 24X5 to resolve all your queries regarding your landing page(s).

  • Great Value for Buck

    Offering the best services for the most reasonable prices in the industry, we assure you the best deals.


  • Will the landing page you create be mobile friendly?
      Absolutely. You will receive a responsive landing page design that will work seamlessly on your mobile devices. We understand that a mobile landing page design needs a different treatment than a desktop web design landing page. Our team uses the latest technologies to create modern landing page designs that enhance the mobile user experience.
  • What if I don’t like the landing page you design?
      With a team of experienced professionals working for you, we believe this case will not arise. Our process involves working closely with our clients and utilising their inputs in our design. Even after this, if you do not like the design, we would be happy to make any necessary changes.
  • Do you use templates?
      No, we do not use templates. Every business has unique USPs. We take that into consideration to plan unique lead generation landing page designs for you. As part of our professional landing page development service, We always ensure that we provide our clients with unique and the best landing page designs customised to their individual business needs and objectives.
  • Do you only design the landing pages?
      No, we have a vast talent pool of designers and developers. We will design, develop, test and make the landing page live.
  • I need to buy landing page urgently. How fast can you deliver?
      We take 2 standard days for creating effective landing page designs. This involves content planning, implementing a conversion strategy, drafting and developing the web page landing page design. In case, you need your advertising landing page design sooner, contact one of our digital consultants.
  • What makes you the best landing page design agency?
      Clients love us because we deliver perfect landing page designs that match with your business goals. When you give us a project, we don’t dive straight onto designing. That’s the last phase. We begin with understanding your target audience and the purpose of your landing page. Are you looking for a sales landing page or lead generation landing page design? Post detailed research of your requirements and goals, our designer and marketing experts formulate a conversion-focused creative landing page plan to design and develop. So you can rest assured that you will receive the best landing page service for your campaign.
  • I need an AdWords landing page. Do you have knowledge of keywords and PPC?
      YES. We have a team of PPC experts and landing page developers with an extensive knowledge of Google Adwords to help develop effective PPC landing page design. Besides PPC, we can also help you with creating social media campaign landing page, website landing page design service or multi-channel lead conversion landing page designs too.

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The campaigns are going great, Dawood. We are seeing a very healthy conversion from our PPC campaign.

Very Happy with the Speed and Quality”
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